terms and conditions

We are a member-run buying club and each participant assumes any risk associated with consuming organic produce and or raw dairy.

Buying clubs only work if we have ACTIVELY ordering members. As such, please contact Veronica if you are going to miss more than one delivery. Members that miss more than two consecutive deliveries without making prior arrangements will be dropped from the club at the discretion of our coordinators.

Produce prices are subject to change at any time. We will make every effort to order things at their existing prices, and will drop from the order any item whose price increases more than 15%. Your final invoice will be available online the morning of delivery. Please plan to provide/mail a check made payable to Veronica Van Dyke.

If you order produce and CANNOT MAKE YOUR SCHEDULED PICKUP, you must contact Veronica by Thursday evening to make arrangements for an alternate pickup location. Once you order your produce, you are responsible for paying for it. Any produce not picked up will be donated to the charity of our choice. YOU MUST STILL PAY FOR YOUR PRODUCE.

There is a minimum $15 order per delivery. If you order less than $15, your order total will be adjusted to meet the $15 minimum. (If an item you order is out of stock, your order may drop below the $15 minimum.)

We charge a one-time $10 setup fee for new members. This is payable with your first order, and is non-refundable.